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General Information About Vermont Oil Lanterns.

One lantern wick burns for approximately two weeks under normal conditions, with normal lantern fuel, such as kerosene, citronella oil, paraffin and Lamp Oil. We suggest that you purchase a minimum of two extra packs of wicks per lantern purchase and one extra chimney — just in case! A fully fueled lantern burns for approximately three evenings or ten hours continuously, if burned at a medium flame.

Lamps vary in their capacity to hold fuel depending on the lamp design. Larger lanterns hold up to thirty-one ounces of fuel and the smaller ones hold between four and twelve ounces proportionately. Vermont Oil Lanterns are designed to be very fuel efficient, so if there is ever a question of shortages of fuel, you will be glad you own a Vermont Oil Lantern. One quart of standard lantern fuel will last you up to two weeks under normal usage. More exact specifications for our Vermont Oil Lanterns may be found on our oil lamps & lantern specifications Page.

Non-scented, non-toxic lamp fuel is presently available in most hardware stores in the United States and Canada. Kerosene can also be burned in your Vermont Oil Lantern, but it does have a slight odor. Large quantities of Kerosene can be purchased through a local garage or farmers outlet.

Each Vermont Lantern comes with a care and safety instruction sheet. Additional instructions for the Hurricane Lantern are also provided.

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