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Standard Care and Safety Instructions


Vermont Oil Lanterns

[Do Not Overfill]  

  1. Getting Started. To fill your Vermont Oil Lantern’s fuel supply tank, first remove the glass chimney and unscrew the wick mechanism from the top by turning it counter-clockwise. Do Not Do This AbruptlyHandle With Care. To avoid spilling while refueling your lantern use a small funnel for directing the fuel into the vessel. If fuel does spill wipe it up immediately with a cloth or paper towel. Safely dispose of the cloth or paper towel. (An oily cloth or paper towel may present a fire hazard.) Do Not fill the lantern to the brim! For safety sake we advise not filling above the seam in the upper portion of the fuel chamber when fueling your lantern. Use Only approved lantern fuels in your Vermont Oil Lantern such as; lantern oil, liquid paraffin, or citronella oil. Kerosene can also be used in your lantern but does have an odor. Do Not use gasoline, alcohol, or diesel in your Vermont Oil Lantern!
  2. How to Light Your Vermont Oil Lantern. After refueling your lantern and having replaced the wick mechanism you are now ready to light your lantern. Allow a few minutes for the wick to absorb the fuel after refueling. Do Not attempt to light your lantern without first removing the glass chimney (Handle With Care). The wick should be exposed just at the level of the brass hood. We suggest that you use standard kitchen matches or a lighter to light your lantern. Immediately after lighting the wick slowly turn down the wick to the desired flame height. (This is done by using the small brass knob extending from the wick mechanism.) If the flame burns unevenly then follow the instructions given in instruction #8. Now replace the glass chimney and adjust the flame to the desired level.
  3. Do Not set a burning lantern on floors, carpets, or under hanging curtains. Keep the room ventilated while burning the lantern.
  4. Exercise Safety At All Times while using your Vermont Oil Lantern. Our lanterns are safe unless handled carelessly. Remember – you are using FIRE.
  5. Keep Out of Reach of Children. Only adults should operate your Vermont Oil Lantern. Children should not play with FIRE!
  6. How To Turn Off Your Vermont Lantern. When you are ready to turn off your lantern just turn down the wick slightly and then blow gently into the top of the glass chimney.
  7. Cleaning the Lantern and the Chimney. Your Vermont Oil Lantern is made from real brass and therefore it will tarnish in contact with air over time. The original shine can be quickly restored by cleaning with brass polish and a soft cloth. Always burn the wick on a low or medium flame. A high flame will cause the glass chimney to become black and thus obstruct the light. If this happens extinguish the flame by blowing into the top of the chimney, allow the glass chimney to cool and then remove carefully. Then wash the chimney with soap and water. Do not place a HOT chimney in water – it will crack! After washing, dry the chimney thoroughly and replace after lighting the wick as instructed in instruction #2.
  8. Maintaining and Replacing the Wick. Occasionally trim away the burnt portion of the lantern’s wick by using a pair of scissors. This helps to assure the uniformity of the flame. Replace wicks when necessary by removing the wick mechanism from the lantern and feeding the new wick in from the bottom while turning the small brass knob on the wick housing.
  9. Hot Glass. The glass chimney of your Vermont Oil Lantern is HOT when the lantern is burning. Do Not Touch with bare hands.
  10. Refueling. Replenish your lantern’s fuel supply when needed. Do Not Refuel the Lantern When the Lantern it is Burning! We suggest that all your lanterns be refueled on a daily basis following instruction #1. Preferably this should be done in the daylight hours. Only Use Approved Lantern Fuels!

Caution: Some of the removable parts on your Vermont Lantern, such as the wick mechanism or the glass chimney, may have sharp edges. Always exercise care when removing or replacing such parts.

Additional Instructions for the Hurricane Lantern.


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