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Brass Kerosene Lanterns and Oil Lamps are a reliable source of efficient home lighting and an essential survival preparedness item. Join with our thousands of satisfied customers and friends and light your home with Vermont Oil Lanterns.

Oil Lanterns are energy efficient and safely burn Kerosene ( the most common, least expensive and safe fuel) and specially sold lamp fuels. These fuels are readily available in many gas stations, hardware stores and general stores. Lamp oil (also safe) is also widely available but somewhat less so. There are several grades (and colors). The odorless fuels cost a bit more but are otherwise similar. They are available in various chain stores depending on your locality. All lamp oils are safe because they are slow burning and not volatile like gasoline or other such fuels. Paraffin is odorless but gives less light than the other fuels. Citronella oil is also commonly available, has a nice odor, and repels bugs. Our suggestion is to purchase a quanitity of the odorless fuel for shorter term useage and a stock of kerosine for longer term preparedness. Amounts depend on your desired degree of preparedness and necessity.

Most of our Vermont Oil Lamps have 1/2" wicks and give about 8-10 candlepower of light. The Classic 17" has a larger 3/4" wick and gives about 12 candlepower while the Vermont Double Wick Lantern gives about 25 candlepower. The heat output is roughly proportionate to the light output or relative intensity of the flame. It is always necessary to have some fresh air circulating (even a slightly cracked window) in the area where any flame is burning. Fuel consumption depends on the amount of wick burning above the base of the wick mechanism. That is, the higher you raise the wick, the more light you get and the fuel consumption increases proportionately. A point is reached when the wick will start to smoke when raised too high and you will blacken your chimney unless you turn the flame down. So our rule of thumb is to turn the lit wick up until it starts to smoke and then turn it back down a little according to ones necessity. Turning down the wick only slightly from this point will give the maximum light. Fuel consumption with a 1/2" wick is one-quarter ounce to one-half ounce per hour depending on the intensity of the flame and the quality of the oil. Most of our lanterns have 1/2" wicks except for the Vermont 17" which is 3/4" and Dietz Table Lamp. The Vermont 17" will use approximately 1 & 1/2 times the amount of fuel as those with 1/2" wicks. The Dietz Table Lamp will give you ample light for reading, akin to a 60 watt bulb, but will burn about an ounce of fuel per hour. Or you may turn down the wick and consume fuel. For a night light the smaller lanterns such as the Mini are ideal—when turned down to minimal flame they consume very little fuel and when turned up give a lot of light for their size.

Oil lamps are safe and easy to operate. They are thus ideal for alternative lighting due to their low fuel consumption. If you wish to read by lamplight we recommend two Classic 16" or one Vermont Double Lantern. We also caution our users to not overfill them as this can cause spillage. Although not dangerous per se, it is of course not desirable as this can present a fire hazard. Complete instructions for our Kerosene Lanterns for filling, lighting, using, handling, general care and safety are provided with every order.

Join with the spirit of preparedness communities everywhere. Be Prepared. Don't leave your family standing in the dark.





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